E592: Updating Your Company Website

Over 80% of potential customers rely on websites to help make their buying decisions.


  1. It’s 2016, an updated company website is a must
    1. 94% of B2B and 80% of B2C consumers will review your website before buying
    2. A website provides potential customers with an understanding of your qualifications
    3. How does your company show up on the web? Is it time to update?
  2. Start with the basics
    1. The web design needs to be responsive – able to be viewed on all devices
    2. The basic components
      1. Contact info on home page – phone number and link to “Contact Us”
      2. Information about what you do
      3. A portfolio of projects – segmented for easy viewing
      4. An about page
    3. Your contact form should collect basic information – not too complicated
  3. Once you cover the basics start building advanced features
    1. A blog section
      1. Write blogs that build your companies authority
        1. How to find the right contractor / Tips for remodeling / Etc.
    2. A resource section
      1. Provide information to help buyers with the decisions they need to make
        1. Papers / checklists / links to other web resources / etc.
    3. Testimonials
      1. Provide testimonials from previous customers – allow potential customers a way to talk with other clients

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