E589: What Is Your Vision

Having a clear vision helps guide your company into the future.


  1. Every business needs to have a vision
    1. Where do you want to take the business
    2. What does your business stand for
    3. What will it look like in the future
  2. Does your company’s vision fit with your vision
    1. What is important to you – your values and vision
    2. Does this fit with your company
    3. You want to avoid conflicting vision and goals
  3. How do you measure up
    1. You have a vision – now what?
    2. How does your company measure up to your future vision
    3. What are the key areas you need to improve
    4. We have to build the operations of the business before we can reach our goals

E551: Ask Coach – What Should I Do First

To make proper changes we must know what we want to accomplish.


Q: I have been listening to all the content and want to implement the change in my business. Where should I start?

A: First, you need to have a good understanding of what you want to create.


  1. We have to have a target
    1. What do you want to do?
    2. Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years?
    3. What is important to you?
  2. Understanding what you really want
    1. Get out a sheet of paper and start writing notes
    2. What do you want from your business or career
    3. What do you want to become
      1. The best contractor in your town? The fastest contractor?
    4. What markets excite you?
    5. Write these things down and include the reason why
  3. Create your vision – 5-year and 10-year
    1. Write a narrative of what your company or career would look like
    2. Think of what your website would look like
      1. Who are your customers, employees
      2. What projects have you done, how large is your business
      3. What is your claim to fame
    3. Once you understand where you want to get, where to start becomes a lot clearer

E336: Defining Our Destination

You need to define your destination before deciding which road to take.

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