unique selling proposition

E504: Making Your USPs A Priority

Make your unique selling propositions a priority of your business operations.



  1. If we are going to say it we must deliver it
    1. Our USPs win us work so we must produce
    2. We should always work to improve our ability to perform
    3. Overpromise and overdeliver
  2. Build your USPs into your business
    1. They are part of the culture
    2. Actions of everyone should support them
    3. It’s the look and feel of your business – the brand
  3. How do we make it a priority?
    1. Leadership – you must live and breath the USPs to your teams
      1. Recruit your champions for help
    2. Tell the stories and create reminders
    3. Create the battle for a cause
      1. People will band together for a cause

E503: Congruent Project Management

Do your project teams support your Unique Selling Proposition?


  1. Your UPS should define you project management style
    1. We have to deliver on our promise
    2. Project teams are the frontline of that delivery
    3. They handle the majority of the interaction with your clients
  2. Do your processes and procedures match your USP?
    1. What systems do you use? How do they support your USP?
    2. Do your procedures fit?
    3. Review your current processes and procedures and determine how you can enhance your USP
  3. Your teams deliver the product so make sure they are delivering the right stuff
    1. Do your teams know your USP?
    2. Do their actions support the USP?
    3. Educate your teams on the USP
    4. Get feedback from your clients

E502: Marketing You USP

Promote your USP to win more work with the right clients.


Integrate your unique selling proposition into your sales and marketing to help attract the right clients.


  1. Your brand message
    1. Your marketing efforts should promote your USP
    2. Your sales team should communicate it clearly
    3. Tell stories about your USP
  2. Keep your messages and your actions congruent
    1. Be sure that everything supports your USP
    2. Do the actions of you team support the USP
      1. You promote meeting schedules yet fail to deliver the proposal as promised
    3. Be sure everything about your company promotes your USP
  3. Remember to see it from the customer’s point of view
    1. What does your customer think?
      1. Provide stories that mean something to them
    2. Be sure your culture supports your USP throughout the project
    3. Conduct surveys to get feedback on how you are doing

E501: Ask Coach – Determining Your Unique Selling Proposition

Determine you unique selling proposition and build your culture and brand around it.



Q: How do I determine the what my sales pitch should be?

A: Determine your unique selling proposition and brand around it.


  1. What is a unique selling proposition?
    1. It’s what you stand for and how you operate
      1. Easy to work with / transparent / quality / speed / thoroughness
    2. Can be more than one but make one a priority over the rest
    3. It should be what you do and others don’t
  2. Defining your USP
    1. Look at your values – how do they fit
    2. Look at what you love to do – how does that fit
    3. Look at your market – what do your customers want / what are others not doing
    4. What are your strengths
  3. Expressing your USP
    1. Build your culture and brand around your USP
      1. Everything you do should reflect your USP
    2. Educate your entire staff on what it means
    3. Create stories to educate everyone on your USP

E257: What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

Why should a potential customer hire you over your competition?

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