4 Key Tech Trends That Construction Leaders Should Watch

“Technology is changing our world faster than ever before, we need to be prepared.”
In today’s episode, I discuss 4 key areas of technology that will have a significant impact on construction over the next 10 years.

E541: Ask Coach – Getting People Into New Tech

Getting your team to adopt new technology can be a struggle.


Q: I started using a new mobile app for daily reporting but I am having a hard time getting people to use it. How can I get people to adopt new technology?

A: Explain the reason why it’s important and train them well.


  1. We want to bring new technology into our business and projects
    1. Update our systems and procedures
    2. Create efficiency in our business
    3. But, people are resistent
  2. It’s human nature
    1. People don’t like change
    2. We are scared of what we don’t know
    3. We feel that the change is not necessary
  3. Making a smooth transition
    1. Explain the reason why it’s important
      1. Most people feel that the change will benefit the company and not them
      2. Explain how it benefits the individual
    2. Start small and build on the successes
    3. Provide proper training
      1. Group people in training based on their current levels
      2. Train some champions to be a resource

E373: Take Advantage Of Technology

Are you leveraging advances in technology to your full benefit?


It amazes me to see how many businesses don’t take full advantage of the technology that is available out there.


  1. The times we live in are changing
    1. Companies with only 12 employees selling for billions of dollars
    2. One person can do the work of 5 or more
    3. New things are coming out every day and we’re just getting started
  2. Want to compete with the big boys
    1. Beat them in the technology area – they can’t move that fast
    2. Keep a look out for new things and be an early adopter
      1. Autonomous earthwork sites are not that far off
      2. There are robot masons
      3. I build apps for small businesses for less than $2,000
    3. Watch for trends and see what works in other industries
  3. Take full advantage of being a small business and stay nimble
    1. As a small business, you can react faster with lower investment when new tech comes around
    2. Create a culture that embraces technology
    3. Provide good training for you employees, not just on the tech you use but on other things

E273: Using Video 4 Job Tours

Take advantage of some of great tech tools to improve you project communication.

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