social media

E597: Social Media Profiles

Now that your website is tuned up, let’s look at social media.


  1. Social media platforms are becoming go-to resources for buyers
    1. LinkedIn – B2B
    2. Facebook – B2C
    3. Others
  2. Social media are platforms that allow people to connect with your company
    1. People use these platforms for research
    2. There are two sides to consider
      1. People researching construction related things
      2. People researching you specifically – this is what we are talking about today
    3. People want to learn more about you and find a possible connection
      1. That friend that may have hired you in the past
      2. That employee that knows one of their friends
  3. We need to have a social media presence
    1. At a minimum:
      1. LinkedIn
      2. Facebook
    2. Create your company pages
      1. Keep your information accurate
    3. Have your employees all link to the pages as well

E507: Social Media For Sales

Are you taking advantage of social media in your sales efforts?


  1. Social media is a game changer in sales and marketing
    1. Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest / etc.
    2. Social media makes reaching your audience much easier
    3. Social must be a part of your sales strategy
  2. Posting native content (your content)
    1. Find the network that fits for your company
      1. Residential = Instagram / Pinterest / FB
      2. Commercial = LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter
      3. It all depends on where your target audience hangs out
    2. Post content that is relevant and worthwhile but not bragging
    3. Build relationships
  3. Joining the conversation
    1. This is how you get started – join in with others
    2. Find your audience in other areas of SM
      1. You build retail – find groups for local retailers and small businesses
    3. Join the conversation to offer your point of view, tips
      1. Don’t join the conversation to sell (that comes later)
    4. Build relationships with people

E382: Stop The Social Media Press Releases

Social media is a great tool for marketing when handled properly.


  1. Social media
    1. It’s great for marketing and very cost effective
    2. Many people miss the purpose though
    3. Do it right and get results
  2. Don’t be that guy – you know the one
    1. At the cocktail party, he’s the one that just wants to tell you how great he is
    2. At the reunion she just wants to tell you about her great business
    3. At the networking event he just wants to tell you to check out his great items he sells
  3. Build relationships
    1. Be a resource
    2. Help people
    3. Say something your potential customers want to here
      1. Remodeling contractor = tell someone how to brighten up their kitchen. choose the right countertops, the right appliances
      2. Retail builder = tell people how to lay out their space, how to place posters and signage for more sales
    4. Be the person people want to talk to and hear from