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E585: Developing Self-Discipline

With self-discipline most anything is possible. – Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Self-discipline is the #1 trait for reaching goals, living the lifestyle we want, and a happy life
    1. A study by Wilhelm Huffman showed people with more self-control were happier
    2. Self-discipline helps us
      1. Deal with changes and conflicts better
      2. Spend lees time debating actions
      3. Avoid non-constructive impulses
  2. Self-discipline is about making our important actions into routine habits
    1. We need to build good routines and maintain the discipline to take the action
    2. It’s a learned process that takes effort and practice
    3. As our actions become habits we no longer need to think about them – we just do them
  3. We have to work at strengthing our self-discipline muscles
    1. Find things that can help you practice good self-discipline and avoid distractions
    2. Reward yourself for your success in taking action
    3. Become a champion of self-discipline

E570: What Do You Focus On?

Shift your focus for a more fulfilling and joyous life.


  1. Our minds are amazing machines
    1. Constantly processing and analyzing data
    2. It takes in thousands of stimuli per second
    3. It processes that to deliver information to our conscious mind – both good and bad
  2. What do you focus on? This can have a huge impact on our state of mind
    1. The good or the bad?
    2. We want to shift to focusing on the good – at least 51% of the time
    3. Move from energy-draining emotions to emotions of power
  3. Don’t just accept what your brain tells you
    1. You have options, learn to process the results
      1. Just like Google – you get thousands of results but not all provide you what you need
    2. Become an observer – step back in ask “does this thought/emotion serve me?”
    3. Use this exercise when you get emotions and thoughts
      1. Accept the emotion/thought
      2. Ask “Does this benefit me?” – if yes, great – if not..
      3. Ask “Can I let it go?”
      4. Ask “When can I let it go?” – if now, great – if not repeat the exercise

E565: Remove The Clutter

Free your mind by clearing out the clutter.


  1. Leading a busy life can lead to clutter
    1. Desks full of papers and junk
    2. Computer desktop full of icons
    3. Cars, homes, projects, all full of clutter
  2. Clutter is bad for our mind
    1. It’s a distraction
    2. Signals that our work is never done
    3. Blocks creativity and productivity
  3. Tackle the clutter in your life
    1. Clean your desk off at the end of every day – leave nothing
      1. Use file folders to organize the papers you need so they are off your desk
    2. Organize your computer every Friday
    3. Use some technology to help organize
      1. Scan, file, and toss papers

E555: Your Personal Vision

Your vision guides your life journey to the proper destination.


  1. Who do you want to become?
    1. What is your vision
      1. Think about what a day in your life would look like
    2. What will people say at your funeral?
    3. Look at all four legs, work, family, community, and self
  2. Create a clear vision of you
    1. Look at who you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years
      1. To express your vision try to write a daily journal passage from the future you
    2. Remember we overestimate what we can accomplish in 1 year and underestimate what we can do in ten years
    3. Create a vision board
      1. Add what / why / key characteristics
  3. Start living like you are already there
    1. To become what you want, you have to be that person
    2. Not fake it til you make – do things like you are already there
    3. It’s all about your mindset

E545: Start Investing In You

The best investment you will ever make is in yourself.

Napolean Hill – Think and Grow Rich


  1. Investing in yourself should be a priority
    1. Learning is investing in yourself – but we need more than that
    2. We need to invest in other areas
    3. We all want to be our best and that take continued investment, both time and money
  2. Invest some time in you
    1. Allow for some “me”
      1. Do something for you, meditate, read, walk, etc
    2. Continue to learn and grow
    3. Spend some time exercising and stretching
      1. We are building something great and we need to be able to enjoy it
  3. Invest money in yourself
    1. Spend some money on you, your education, your enjoyment, and your health
      1. The more you put in the more you will get out
    2. Invest in your enjoyment too, all work and no play is not a healthy path
    3. Create some “me” funds
      1. Set aside 5% to 10% of your income for spending on growth and learning
      2. Set aside 5% to 10% of your income for plain old fun

E520: Put Your Mask On First

In order to help others, you must first help yourself.



  1. Put your mask on first
    1. Take care of yourself first
    2. We can do more if we are able
    3. We can give more if we have more
      1. More money / love / abundance / knowledge
  2. Why does this get so hard?
    1. Since we were kids we heard memes about taking care of others
    2. Society makes people fell guilty
    3. We were told we weren’t worthy
  3. Taking care of ourselves first is important
    1. The truth is we owe it to others to take care of ourselves
      1. Better care equals more abundance
    2. Being selfish is Okay, in fact, it’s great
      1. Learn to look after you
    3. Put yourself first so that you can give more to others

E515: Be The Unique You

Let the world see the amazing you.


  1. You are one of a kind –  a miracle of birth
    1. You are here for a reason
    2. We all have something to contribute
    3. Don’t have regrets
  2. Be You!
    1. Be the person you want to be not what you think your Dad or Grandmom wants
    2. Do you act like you or what you think others want?
    3. What do you want your legacy to be
  3. Let your light shine
    1. Know yourself and your reasons why
      1. If you are providing value you don’t worry about what other think
    2. If doesn’t matter if you make mistakes – charge forward
    3. Have confidence in you – you are amazing

E500: Enjoying The Journey

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey.


  1. Thank You
    1. WOW – Episode 500 – that’s over 125 hours of content – more than 30 books
    2. It’s about constant improvement and striving to get better
    3. Improving the journey
  2. Work to enjoy the journey
    1. The grass is always greener
    2. Dreams are the end
    3. The real power is in the journey
      1. Do what you love and love what you do – you never know where the road will take you
  3. Learn to love what you do, even the bad parts
    1. Find the oasis – what really makes you happy – what things are your favorites
      1. Do more of that
      2. Get better at that
    2. Identify what brings you down – what you don’t like about the journey
      1. Do less of that
      2. Don’t try to fix your weaknesses – find someone else to help
    3. Sandwich the things you must do
      1. When you have to complete tasks/things you don’t like schedule something you love for afterward
      2. Give yourself a treat for completing the things you dislike – they will start to seem less bothersome

E480: Loving What You Do

Learn to love what you do, even the bad parts.


  1. “Do what you love and never work a day in your life”
    1. That’s misleading – I prefer – Love what you do
    2. We have to work and sometimes that means doing things we don’t like
    3. Hopefully, what you do is 51% good
  2. Deal with the sour parts – accept them
    1. There will always be parts of things you love that you don’t like
    2. Understand it’s part of it
      1. Think of some os the things you love to do – there are bad parts
      2. I love skiing but I don’t like the cold / I love the beach but have to deal with the sand
    3. Remember the “whys” so the good outweighs the bad
  3. Make the most of the parts you love
    1. Take advantage of the good parts
      1. When I go skiing I make the most of the time skiing to offset the cold
    2. Maximize the parts you love
      1. Delegate off some of the things you don’t like
    3. Challenge yourself to get through the bad parts

E465: Remember To Live Life

Take advantage of special occasions to get the most out of life.


  1. We have to remember to live life
    1. We work hard, charge hard and hustle which is great
    2. Sometimes we have to remember to stop and smell the roses
      1. I struggle with remembering this sometimes – I love what I do and it’s fun – really if I had a choice of what I could do it would be exactly what I do every day – but I have to remember to take care of some of the other things I value in life like family
    3. We all have different values and too often we spend too much time on one at the expense of other values – we have to remember to take care of them from time to time
  2. We need time to recharge
    1. Even though I love what I do, I still need to take time to recharge
    2. Special occasions like holidays are a great time to take care of other parts of our life wheel
    3. We need that to re-fuel and clear our minds
  3. Take time to get away from the status-quo
    1. Laying on the couch all weekend won’t really get you refueled – maybe well rested but not recharged
    2. Do something different – if you want to tend to another area in life you need to change it up
    3. Get outside of your comfort zone to really expand

Take some time off this weekend to tend to some areas of your life that need the attention.