safety culture

E533: Managing Project Safety

Managing safety on a construction project is everyone’s responsibility.


  1. Construction has many challenges
    1. Struggles with labor
    2. Poor perceptions
    3. We need to improve safety to help with these
  2. Companies need to do a better job
    1. Build safety into the culture
    2. Create safe work environments
    3. Educate our people
  3. Some areas we can do better on
    1. Bid and plan for safety during the estimating process
    2. Conduct morning briefings to discuss the details of the job for the day
    3. Create a culture of safety
      1. Management needs to lead the discussion
      2. Safety doesn’t end when we leave the job
      3. Change the discussion
        1. It’s not about safe it’s about proper

E189: Building a Safer Industry Culture

Safety Week is a great start towards a cultural shift in the construction industry.

Now let’s take it the rest of the way!

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