E513: Creating Efficiencies In Processes

Review your processes and systems to see where you can improve efficiency.



  1. Creating efficiencies can help improve your bottom line
    1. Define your processes
    2. Eliminate waste and duplication
    3. Identify the shortest path to the results you desire
  2. Review your processes
    1. Look at each item and determine the why / outcome / who / when / where / how
    2. Diagram the workflow to see the entire process
    3. For each step identify the 4 – Ws and the work performed
  3. Start dissecting and improving
    1. Look at each task for duplication and wasted steps
    2. Review the touch points – are they necessary
    3. Shift the systems / inputs – can a different system do this better

E440: Make A Habit Of Creating Time

Time is our most valuable resource so work at creating more of it.


  1. Time is the one resource we cannot get more of
    1. We all have the same 24 hours in a day
      1. When you take out sleep and the necessary things you end up with 12 to 14 hours a day
    2. Start allocating time for other things and it’s no wonder everyone is stressed
    3. Most people don’t value time enough, therefore, don’t make it a habit to maximize it
  2. How do we create more time
    1. We can create more time with batching, routines and processes
    2. They can be simple or complex
      1. Simple – Steve Jobs wore the same outfit every day – saved 5 to 10 minutes a day
      2. Technology – Software that creates invoices from daily reports
    3. These are tools that create time
  3. Get started creating time
    1. Review your activity log
    2. Look at batching activities – ie: If you process A/P invoices every day save and do them once per week
    3. Create routines that will save you time – saving 10 minutes a day equates to 43 hours a year
    4. Create processes that will save you time and money – invest some time now for a lifetime of savings

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