E146: Organize Files and Information

“Are your employees wasting time searching for files and information?”

Get organized and centralized to save time and effort.

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E131: Clear The Jobsite Clutter

“Messy project sites give the impression of poor quality work.”

Keep you sites safe and productive by maintaining a clutter free work area.

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Episode 116 – Task Selection

“20% of what you do every day produces 80% of the results, focus on the right stuff.”

Today we talk about selecting the right tasks to focus on.

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Episode 111 – Organizing Deliverables

“Review and organize your contract deliverables for a successful project.”

Are you preparing your contract deliverables properly?

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Episode 96 – Slow Times

“Slow times during the Holidays are a great time to focus on your business.”

Today we talk about focusing on improving your business during the holiday slow times.

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Episode 91 – Organizing Work and Fun

“Avoid burnout and recharge your reasons why by scheduling fun time and vacations.”

Plan time for having fun and taking vacation. It’s what we work so hard for.

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Episode 61 – Setting Big Goals

“Are your goals putting limits on you? Set proper goals to inspire success.”

Today we talk about setting the right big-picture inspiring goals.

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