marketing plan

E577: Creating a Marketing Plan

To grow your business you need a marketing plan.


  1. How many have a marketing plan?
    1. A blueprint for our advertising and marketing for the year
    2. Activities to accomplish the tasks needed to reach our goals
    3. We should all have a plan
  2. Start with your goals
    1. The marketing goals are dictated by our revenue goals
    2. How many leads do you need to win the number of projects needed to reach your revenue
    3. Example with a $5M revenue goals
      1. Want $5M with average project size of $500K – need 10 projects
      2. We win 1 of every 3 bids – need 30 bids
      3. It takes 5 calls to get 1 opportunity to submit a bid – need 150 calls (leads)
  3. Build your plan with these parts
    1. Target Customer
    2. Unique Selling Proposition
    3. Pricing & Positioning
    4. Distribution / Selling Process – how do people buy from you
    5. Marketing Materials
    6. Promotion
    7. Conversion Strategy
    8. Budget