E470: Learn To Respect Time As A Resource

There are only 24 hours in a day so use it wisely.


Time is the only resource we cannot produce more of.


  1. Time is a resource
    1. It’s the only resource we all share equally – money can’t but more
    2. Like any resource, it can be wasted or used efficiently
    3. Shift your mindset to look at time as a resource
      1. Don’t just get through the day, command it
  2. Learn to respect time
    1. Respect your time to get the most out of everyday
    2. Respect other people’s time to get the most out of your relationships
    3. Learn from successful people, they all have one thing in common. They manage their time.
  3. Create plans, routines, habits and processes to better utilize this resource
    1. The biggest thing you can do is plan your tasks every day
    2. Create processes and routines that help you conserve time and focus on the important tasks
    3. Create a sense of urgecny around completing your tasks and getting the most out of every day

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