focus management

E430: Attack Each Day With A Plan And A Purpose

Plan your day and manage your focus and time will take care of itself.



  1. Getting the most out of your day by being effective
    1. Working on the right things
    2. Working efficiently
    3. Focusing and putting your full attention into the task at hand
  2. Attack your day to avoid the madness trap
    1. Think about those days when you are running around all day but at the end nothing really got done
    2. In contrast, what about the day before a big proposal is due, how much do you get done then
    3. What’s the difference – our focus – you had clear deliverables and a deadline
    4. Learn to attack each day the same way
  3. Getting set to attack the day
    1. Create a list of the things you need to complete today
      1. Start with #1 and complete it, then move to #2
    2. Block out time to work on your tasks and don’t allow interruptions
    3. At the end of the day move the completed tasks to the done list

E425: How Do You Find The Time To Get Things Done

Stop letting a lack of time keep you from reaching your goals.

With many of the clients I work with, I hear the same struggles with reaching goals – a lack of time.

So how do we overcome this challenge?


  1. Attack your day with purpose
    1. Create a list of tasks to complete each day
    2. Block out time to work on tasks
    3. Avoid time wasters
  2. Delegate tasks
    1. Stop doing things you can have others do – the mundane tasks
    2. Take the plunge and commit the money to pay someone – your time is worth too mush to be sweeping floors
    3. This goes for your employees and team members as well – make sure they are doing tasks that fit their level of expertise
  3. Create more time – yes it is possible
    1. Establish routines – it may only save a few minutes a day but that adds up
    2. Develop processes that eliminate wasted time and routine activities
    3. Utilize technology
      1. Good technology solutions cost money but can save 5 times the cost or more