educating customers

E457: Marketing Is About Educating Our Customers

In today’s world, marketing is about educating your customers.


Focus your marketing in each phase on educating your customers.


  1. The awareness stage is about educating potential customers that you exist
    1. Let people know who you are and what you do
    2. Your message should tell them why it’s important to them
    3. Get them to remember you through education
  2. The second stage is about educating them on why they should choose you
    1. This is when a potential customer is in the market for your services
    2. Tell them why you are the right fit for them
    3. Start by educating them with things that are important if they choose you or someone else
      1. Teach them things that help them with their projects
  3. The last and most important phase is building the relationship with your customers
    1. This is all about customer retention – why they want to hire you and not consider anyone else
    2. This part of the marketing relies on you project teams
    3. Educate them on the things you do and how they help them
    4. Educate them on how they can improve their processes and projects
      1. A PM teaches them the advantages of different contract approaches like Design/Build
      2. You provide resources that teach customers how to maintain their facilities