E586: Ask Coach – Reaching Potential Customers

Reaching potential clients takes trial and error until you get it right.


Q: What is the best way to reach my potential customers?

A: Know who your customer is, define the targets of your message, and try different media approaches.


  1. Know who the customer is
    1. Not everyone in your area is a potential customer
    2. Who buys from you?
    3. Income level, location, home type, project type, etc.
  2. Identify how to target them
    1. What neighborhoods or communities
    2. What social / community interactions do your clients have – where do they shop
    3. What type of media to they pay attention to (hard to reach seniors on Snapchat)
  3. Try different approaches to see what works
    1. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.
    2. Print ads in magazines, flyers, direct mail, etc.
    3. Community opportunities
      1. Participate in charitable events
      2. Donate time to a park clean up / donate a swing set / etc.
      3. Sponsor children sport teams or dance events