contract documents

E588: Knowing the Contract Documents

Build customer trust by knowing your contract documents.


  1. On every project, someone needs to know the documents
    1. The contract drawings and specifications
    2. All RFIs, CCDs, Changes, Etc.
    3. In order to perform to our standards, we must know the documents
  2. Develop Document Champions
    1. Designate someone on each project to know the documents
    2. Their #1 responsibility is knowing and making sure we conform
    3. They should be held accountable for errors
  3. Tools to help them along the way
    1. Pre-planning – have them meet with the estimator
    2. Planning – have them help develop scopes and attend meetings
    3. During Construction – have them participate in preparatory / pre-start meetings
    4. Daily – the document champion should review the documents for all activity on site