construction budget

E558: Create Accurate Construction Budgets

Accurate construction budgets serve as a detailed project guide.


  1. Protecting profits starts with a good budget
    1. When we do an estimate it’s really a best guess
    2. That budget needs to be updated to match construction
    3. The project team needs to determine the project plan and adjust
  2. Create the budget along with the plan
    1. The ops team needs to develop a project plan
    2. They also need to create the schedule
    3. These can then be referenced to create an accurate construction budget
  3. The budget becomes the financial guide
    1. As you buyout subs and suppliers you have a budget
    2. When planning manpower you can reference the budget
    3. Determining the right equipment
    4. You can use the budget to track your progress and also check different scenarios

E178: Construction Phase Budgets

Construction budgets are great diagnostic tools for taking a quick look under the hood.

Are you getting the most of your budgets?

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