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E364: Recognize Your Team’s Efforts

Proper recognition goes a long way in building a culture of success.



  1. Employees / team members create our successes
    1. It takes a full effort by everyone involved
    2. The smallest task still adds to the product
      1. Look at Steve Jobs’ attention to packaging at Apple
    3. Everyone is an important part of the whole
  2. Build your culture on recognition
    1. Show you care and give thanks
    2. Recognize everyone’s performance, not just the leader
    3. Thank the teams as a whole as well as the individuals
  3. Good recognition and thanks
    1. It doesn’t take much to have a profound effect
      1. Sometimes it’s just “Thanks for all the hard work and effort.”
    2. Awards, bonuses and recognition are nice but you don’t have to break the bank to be effective
    3. Recognize and thank people in front of their peers – it’s good that everyone sees the appreciation
    4. Be sure to recognize the effort versus the achievement
      1. Achievements are important but don’t let extraordinary effort go unnoticed
        1. Compare 2 project managers on 2 different projects
        2. Manager 1 has a difficult project that may end up losing money. She works extra hard, goes above and beyond and pulls it off without a loss but very little profit.
        3. Manager 2 has a homerun project. He’s got the best subs, easy client and a fat budget. When complete the project doubles profits.
        4. Typically, managers will recognize Manager 2 because there were such great margins. How do you think Manager 1 feels when she sees #2 getting accolades?
        5. I think, Manager 1 is the real winner here. She deserves to be employee of the year.

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