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E762: You Are A Brand


“In the information age everyone’s point of view can be heard, so cna their mistakes.”

In this episode, we dicsuss the information age and your personal brand.

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E587: Your Online Presence

What does the internet say about your organization?

  1. In the current times, the internet is important
    1. Everyone is online
    2. You will be searched
    3. People look to the internet before making decisions
  2. How do you show up?
    1. What are the Google results
    2. What does your website say
    3. What about directory profiles
    4. Social media
  3. Take control of your online resume
    1. You must have an updated website – keep it current
    2. Are you listed in all the directories that you clients will look to
      1. You don’t need to advertise or pay for the listing (unless that’s part of your plan) – just make sure your profile is correct
    3. Are you on social media channels
      1. The musts:
        1. Facebook Page for your Business
        2. Linked In Profile (can be individual)


E539: The Little Things Matter

Like it or not, the little things do matter.



  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff
    1. That may be good advice in life but doesn’t work for business
    2. Too often businesses overlook the little things and don’t worry about details
    3. We don’t pay attention to the small things like
      1. How our vehicles look, how we answer the phone, dress code
  2. We create a big-picture brand and culture for our business
    1. The details are what cement things
    2. What message do you send out?
    3. Do you and your leadership team watch the details?
  3. Learn to scrub the details
    1. Just like a set of contract drawings
      1. The details matter
    2. Be sure your teams pay attention to the details
    3. The small stuff adds up to produce great outcomes

E477: Monitor Your Company On The Web

Monitor and manage your online presence to keep your reputation in check.


  1. Things are different now – information is easy to share – even bad or false info
    1. It’s easy for someone to post things
    2. Most people only share the negative
    3. When someone is considering hiring you they will Google you
  2. We need to monitor
    1. Look for mentions of you company on the web and social media
    2. Watch listing sites like Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor if those apply
    3. Set a Google search query for you company name and other information
  3. What to do when there are comments
    1. Respond to all comments, good or bad
    2. Be honest, if there’s an error admit to it and try to fix it
      1. Sometimes you have to fix things even when you are not at fault
    3. Don’t ever get personal, stick to facts

E322: We’re Always In The Public Eye

Project sites say a lot about your company. Are you sending the right messages?

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