E492: Manage Your Backlog And Sales

Manage your backlog to avoid slow times.


  1. Backlog
    1. Amount of work on hand to complete
    2. Tracks # of projects, size of projects, timing of projects, etc.
    3. Compare to your capabilities
      1. Avoid running out of work or getting overloaded
  2. Sales efforts should coordinate with the backlog
    1. Your sales efforts and targets are dictated by your backlog
    2. Understand outside influences as well
      1. Do the seasons impact the type of work you can do
    3. Understand your sales cycle too
      1. How long from lead to shovel in the ground
  3. Manage the sales efforts
    1. Use a system to track your backlog so you can plan your sales efforts
    2. Show work on hand over time
    3. Compare the work load versus the sales cycle to know when to turn up the heat or slow the sales efforts

E377: Tracking Your Backlog

Keep your workload steady with proper backlog tracking.


It’s a sales job too.


  1. Tracking backlog for sales
    1. Know your upcoming workload
    2. What does your current runway look like
    3. Where are the highs and lows
    4. Do you have time to react adn sell some work
  2. Good sales efforts equals:
    1. Keep your resources working
    2. Limit the amount of overload
    3. No gaps in revenue generation
  3. Track the Backlog
    1. Determine you sales cycles to know how far out to watch
    2. Update with the Opps team regularly
    3. Track you sales effforts by client so you know the average cycle and what they have coming up