Episode 459: Make Sure You Have The Right Accountant

Accountants are key partners in the success of our business, choose the right one.



  1. Understand what’s important for your business
    1. Does your accountant understand construction
    2. Does he understand your business goals
    3. Do you work well together
  2. Get an accountant that’s willing to help
    1. Don’t try to pay the least amount – you get what you pay for
    2. Find an accountant willing to work with you
      1. Helps you reach your goals
      2. Helps with managing and projecting cash flows, budgets, etc.
    3. Use a firm that’s willing to educate you
  3. Surrounding your business with the right people
    1. Don’t just look at the sticker price – we don’t want our clients to hire us because we are the cheapest, so practice what we preach
    2. Interview potential accountants to make sure they understand you and your business
      1. Ask about WIP / % Complete Method / Retainage / Stored Materials / Other construction items
    3. Don’t be afraid to switch if it doesn’t work out

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