E157: Pipeline Review

“Our pipeline is the heart of our business so let’s give it some attention.”

How is your project pipeline?

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E152: Strategic Client Partnerships

“Our goal is to develop our client relationships into Strategic Client Partnerships.”

This is what Contracting Coach is all about. Building strong lasting relationships with clients and improving our efficiency.

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E147: Customers Are Not Always Right

“Educating our customers is a key step in building lasting relationships.”

Are you training your teams to teach your customers?

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E142: The Art of Following Up

“Consistent follow-up is fundamental to building relationships and trust.”

How do you manage your follow-up?

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E141: Organized Sales Process

“Master the 6 stages of client relationships and build a solid sales pipeline.”

Do you have an organized sales process?

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E137: Customer Service Dept.

“Create a great customer service program to avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes.”

Let’s look at your customer service program.

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Episode 122 – Position Your Marketing

“Position your marketing efforts to get your message in the right places.”

Today we take a look at positioning our marketing efforts in the right places.

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Episode 107 – Partner With Suppliers

“Partner with suppliers and manufacturers to extend your marketing exposure.”

Today we discuss partnering with suppliers to develop some added value marketing plans.

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Episode 89 – Lien Waivers to Clients

“Set yourself apart from other residential/light commercial contractors by providing your customers with lien waivers.”

Today we talk about using an important business process to help set yourself apart from your competition. Providing lien waivers to your customers when they don’t ask for them.

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Episode 87 – Technical Proposal Review

“When developing a technical proposal make sure you respond properly to all aspects.”

Today we discuss reviewing RFPs in preparation of a technical response.

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