E252: The Value of a Client

How many of you know the average lifetime or annual value of a client?

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E247: Everyone is a Sales Rep

Are your employees brand ambassadors of customer turn-offs?

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E242: Certification Programs

Industry certifications can make the difference between winning and losing that next project.

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E237: Build Your Network

Building a solid network is like tending to a garden. You have to put in the effort before you can reap the rewards.

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E232: Project Lead Services

Are you getting good information in a timely manner from your lead services?

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E197: Social Media Roundup Pt. 1

The social media landscape is constantly changing and growing. How do we keep up?

Build a solid plan and focus on it and don’t worry about the next big thing.

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E192: Targeting New Clients

Do your homework and target the right clients when seeking out new business.

Are you focusing on the right prospects?

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E182: Trade Association Membership

Differentiate yourself from your competition through membership in trade associations.

These are not the typical ones you might think of.

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E177: Sell The Experience

Remember to sell the client experience when pitching to potential customers.

Are you selling the right experience?

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E172: Know What You Sell

“Successful sales starts with knowing what your clients really want.”

What is your elevator pitch? Do you tell the prospect about your benefits or features?

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