E607: 2016 Year End Review

How did your sales, marketing, and estimating fair in 2016?


  1. It’s year end review time
    1. Let’s review our performance for 2016
    2. Did we accomplish what we wanted to?
    3. What’s in store for 2017
  2. Take a look back at 2016
    1. Did you have goals set for the year? Did you reach them?
    2. Did you win enough work?
    3. Did you generate the necessary leads?
  3. Where are you headed in 2017
    1. What are your new goals for 2017?
    2. What is your target revenue?
    3. What are the necessary targets to reach that goal?

E602: The Best Sales Force

The best sales force is completely free, just engage them.


  1. Sales and marketing is a huge part of our business
    1. We spend money on advertising and lead development
    2. We spend time seeking out opportunities
    3. Are you taking advantage of the best sales force available?
  2. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising there is
    1. It creates instant credibility
    2. It builds relationships with none exist
    3. Referrals put you in the driver’s seat
  3. Build up your word of mouth
    1. Over promise and over deliver
    2. Make customer satisfaction a priority
    3. Create raving fans of your work

E597: Social Media Profiles

Now that your website is tuned up, let’s look at social media.


  1. Social media platforms are becoming go-to resources for buyers
    1. LinkedIn – B2B
    2. Facebook – B2C
    3. Others
  2. Social media are platforms that allow people to connect with your company
    1. People use these platforms for research
    2. There are two sides to consider
      1. People researching construction related things
      2. People researching you specifically – this is what we are talking about today
    3. People want to learn more about you and find a possible connection
      1. That friend that may have hired you in the past
      2. That employee that knows one of their friends
  3. We need to have a social media presence
    1. At a minimum:
      1. LinkedIn
      2. Facebook
    2. Create your company pages
      1. Keep your information accurate
    3. Have your employees all link to the pages as well

E592: Updating Your Company Website

Over 80% of potential customers rely on websites to help make their buying decisions.


  1. It’s 2016, an updated company website is a must
    1. 94% of B2B and 80% of B2C consumers will review your website before buying
    2. A website provides potential customers with an understanding of your qualifications
    3. How does your company show up on the web? Is it time to update?
  2. Start with the basics
    1. The web design needs to be responsive – able to be viewed on all devices
    2. The basic components
      1. Contact info on home page – phone number and link to “Contact Us”
      2. Information about what you do
      3. A portfolio of projects – segmented for easy viewing
      4. An about page
    3. Your contact form should collect basic information – not too complicated
  3. Once you cover the basics start building advanced features
    1. A blog section
      1. Write blogs that build your companies authority
        1. How to find the right contractor / Tips for remodeling / Etc.
    2. A resource section
      1. Provide information to help buyers with the decisions they need to make
        1. Papers / checklists / links to other web resources / etc.
    3. Testimonials
      1. Provide testimonials from previous customers – allow potential customers a way to talk with other clients

E587: Your Online Presence

What does the internet say about your organization?

  1. In the current times, the internet is important
    1. Everyone is online
    2. You will be searched
    3. People look to the internet before making decisions
  2. How do you show up?
    1. What are the Google results
    2. What does your website say
    3. What about directory profiles
    4. Social media
  3. Take control of your online resume
    1. You must have an updated website – keep it current
    2. Are you listed in all the directories that you clients will look to
      1. You don’t need to advertise or pay for the listing (unless that’s part of your plan) – just make sure your profile is correct
    3. Are you on social media channels
      1. The musts:
        1. Facebook Page for your Business
        2. Linked In Profile (can be individual)


E586: Ask Coach – Reaching Potential Customers

Reaching potential clients takes trial and error until you get it right.


Q: What is the best way to reach my potential customers?

A: Know who your customer is, define the targets of your message, and try different media approaches.


  1. Know who the customer is
    1. Not everyone in your area is a potential customer
    2. Who buys from you?
    3. Income level, location, home type, project type, etc.
  2. Identify how to target them
    1. What neighborhoods or communities
    2. What social / community interactions do your clients have – where do they shop
    3. What type of media to they pay attention to (hard to reach seniors on Snapchat)
  3. Try different approaches to see what works
    1. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.
    2. Print ads in magazines, flyers, direct mail, etc.
    3. Community opportunities
      1. Participate in charitable events
      2. Donate time to a park clean up / donate a swing set / etc.
      3. Sponsor children sport teams or dance events

E577: Creating a Marketing Plan

To grow your business you need a marketing plan.


  1. How many have a marketing plan?
    1. A blueprint for our advertising and marketing for the year
    2. Activities to accomplish the tasks needed to reach our goals
    3. We should all have a plan
  2. Start with your goals
    1. The marketing goals are dictated by our revenue goals
    2. How many leads do you need to win the number of projects needed to reach your revenue
    3. Example with a $5M revenue goals
      1. Want $5M with average project size of $500K – need 10 projects
      2. We win 1 of every 3 bids – need 30 bids
      3. It takes 5 calls to get 1 opportunity to submit a bid – need 150 calls (leads)
  3. Build your plan with these parts
    1. Target Customer
    2. Unique Selling Proposition
    3. Pricing & Positioning
    4. Distribution / Selling Process – how do people buy from you
    5. Marketing Materials
    6. Promotion
    7. Conversion Strategy
    8. Budget