E197: Social Media Roundup Pt. 1

The social media landscape is constantly changing and growing. How do we keep up?

Build a solid plan and focus on it and don’t worry about the next big thing.

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E192: Targeting New Clients

Do your homework and target the right clients when seeking out new business.

Are you focusing on the right prospects?

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E187: Become a Subject Matter Expert

Being a subject matter expert boosts your business and your brand.

Yes, you are a subject matter expert!

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E182: Trade Association Membership

Differentiate yourself from your competition through membership in trade associations.

These are not the typical ones you might think of.

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E172: Know What You Sell

“Successful sales starts with knowing what your clients really want.”

What is your elevator pitch? Do you tell the prospect about your benefits or features?

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E167: Give a Little, Get a Lot

“The greatest ROI in marketing today is through sharing your knowledge with native content.”

Boost your sales and leads with good educational content.

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E162: Our Company Blog

“Blogging is a great tool for connecting with clients and building our brand.”

Have you taken advantage of this tool?

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E157: Pipeline Review

“Our pipeline is the heart of our business so let’s give it some attention.”

How is your project pipeline?

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E152: Strategic Client Partnerships

“Our goal is to develop our client relationships into Strategic Client Partnerships.”

This is what Contracting Coach is all about. Building strong lasting relationships with clients and improving our efficiency.

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E149: Marketing Support

“Get professional support to maximize your marketing and advertising dollars.”

Do you have the right team supporting your business?

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