Elite Contractors Manifesto

E625: Elite Contractors Manifesto Part 4

Do what’s right when no one is looking.


  1. Manage, manage, manage, manage
    1. Manage your projects
    2. Manage your teams
    3. Manage your clients
    4. Manage your stakeholders
  2. Quality, Quality, Quality
    1. Project quality
    2. Quality relationships
    3. A quality experience
  3. Educate, Educate, Educate
    1. Educate your teams
    2. Educate your clients
    3. Educate your vendors
  4. Do what’s right when no one is looking
    1. Would you be proud to tell the story to your grandchildren?

E624: Elite Contractors Manifesto – Part 3

Successful companies focus on stakeholders, not just shareholders.


  1. Put stakeholders first
    1. Companies often focus on profits over stakeholders
    2. Focus on stakeholders and you do the right thing
  2. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
    1. Construction is about communication
    2. Have a communication priority
    3. Become an over-communicator
  3. Provide solutions
    1. Build a culture of problem solvers
    2. Always offer solutions
  4. Know your projects
    1. Elite Contractors know all about their projects
    2. Understand the big picture
    3. Know the details

E623: Elite Contractors Manifesto Part 2

Give massive value to gain repeat work from your clients.


  1. Repeat work rules
    1. Efficiency comes with familiarity
  2. Create your culture, live your culture
    1. Manage and tend to your culture
  3. Give value
    1. Learn to give more value than others
  4. Create your market, dominate your market
    1. Solve a different problem better than anyone else

E622: Elite Contractors Manifesto Part 1

Businesses exist to solve a problem and make a profit.



  1. This week we are going to review the Elite Contractors Manifesto
    1. A chance to refresh everyone
    2. Feel free to use this information for your business – modify as necessary
    3. The ECM is the rules that have guided me to success in contracting
  2. Profit is the Reason
    1. All business must make a profit
    2. Customer service and profits can co-exist
    3. Profit (fair and honest) should always be a priority
  3. Solve the Problem Better
    1. All business exist to solve a problem
    2. Want to be the best? Solve the problem better
    3. The problem is not always the obvious thing

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