Have some fun New Year’s Eve and follow a couple of rituals.


  1. Create a 2017 reminder card
    1. Get an index card or something similar
    2. On the front side write your 2017 Theme and your intentions/trajectories
    3. On the back write things you want less of on the left and things you want more of on the right side
    4. Save this card for the whole year to remind you of your intentions
  2. Burning Bowl Ritual
    1. This is one I got from Randy Gage
    2. Take out a sheet of paper and copy your ‘Less of’ and ‘more of’ on it
      1. Left side – what you want to do less of
      2. Right side – what you want to do more of
    3. Read them and proclaim your intentions for the year as you toss the paper into a fire
  3. 12 Grapes
    1. A Spanish tradition in which you eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes at midnight to bring good luck
    2. A twist to this that I got from JB Glossinger @ morningcoach.co is to do the grape ritual while reviewing you 2017 theme and intentions
    3. Review each intention and allow the grape to symbolize your commitment to your intention

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