Create a theme for how you will shape 2017.


  1. Start the new year with a theme
    1. Concept I learned from Randy Gage
    2. What are your intentions for the year
    3. How will you create the year
  2. Keys to a good theme
    1. Uplifting and inspiring – reminds you of your why
    2. Not relying on outside forces
    3. A daily reminder of what your intentions are for the year
    4. My examples
      1. 2015 – Intense Realization – I know I was going to work hard making some things a reality
      2. 2016 – Massive Abundance – I created now I needed to bring in the people, knowledge, help, community, money, etc.
      3. 2017 – To New Levels – Now that we have the foundation, it’s time to take what i do to new levels
  3. Set your theme and live it
    1. Create your new year theme
    2. Create a poster or picture to remind you ( is a great tool)
    3. Put the picture in your office, journal, and other places to remind you every day

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