Start the new year fresh by getting organized this week.


  1. Clear out the clutter and start the new year fresh
    1. It’s probably a slow week, take advantage
    2. Clean the office / desk / computer
    3. Establish a good filing system for your work
  2. Build some good routines
    1. Set times each week to tackle those important things
    2. Stat a good morning routine
    3. Discipline moves you toward your goals
  3. Start building some great habits for 2017
    1. Your health – pick up a couple good habits for your health and body
    2. Work – start making a list of 5 key things every day and focus on them
    3. Use the new year to start building some good habits – start small so you don’t quit
      1. Do them for 46 t 60 days to build the habit

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