It’s virtually impossible to hit the target when you don’t know where you are aiming.


  1. Step 2 of the Pyramid Goal process – defining the vision with trajectories/goals
    1. Start by looking at your visions
    2. Example:
      1. ABC had a successful financial year in 2017 increasing revenues and profits while focusing on Government contracting.
    3. This vision statement has 3 key parts – Financial Success – Growth  – Gvt Contracting
  2. Define the vision with trajectories/goals
    1. Use your goals and trajectories to define the vision
    2. In the example above, if we look at financial success, we need to define what that means
    3. Create some 2017 targets
      1. We complete $5M or more of work in 2017 with a profit margin of 5% or more while maintaining our debt to less than 4% of annual revenue.
  3. Keep your trajectories SMART
    1. Specific
    2. Measurable
    3. Agreed Upon – (this is where the vision comes in)
    4. Realistic
    5. Timely

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