Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.  Ben Franklin


  1. Project planning is a key part of successful projects
    1. It determines how we are going to execute the project
    2. Takes the estimate to a workable plan – Overview to details
    3. Creates the understanding for the team to follow
  2. The fundamentals of good planning
    1. Start before signing the contract – start the review to catch any errors
    2. Include your operations, estimating, accounting, and others in the planning process
    3. Schedule review meetings with each sector (can be quick one on one meetings)
    4. Do a final review with the team and management (or peer review)
  3. The level of detail for your plan will vary on your projects
    1. All plans should include:
      1. The review process
      2. Construction budget – not the estimate
      3. Construction schedule
    2. Additional items can be added as needed:
      1. Purchasing plan
      2. Responsibility matrix
      3. Deliverables matrix
      4. Resource plans
      5. Equipment plans
      6. etc.

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