E585: Developing Self-Discipline

With self-discipline most anything is possible. – Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. Self-discipline is the #1 trait for reaching goals, living the lifestyle we want, and a happy life
    1. A study by Wilhelm Huffman showed people with more self-control were happier
    2. Self-discipline helps us
      1. Deal with changes and conflicts better
      2. Spend lees time debating actions
      3. Avoid non-constructive impulses
  2. Self-discipline is about making our important actions into routine habits
    1. We need to build good routines and maintain the discipline to take the action
    2. It’s a learned process that takes effort and practice
    3. As our actions become habits we no longer need to think about them – we just do them
  3. We have to work at strengthing our self-discipline muscles
    1. Find things that can help you practice good self-discipline and avoid distractions
    2. Reward yourself for your success in taking action
    3. Become a champion of self-discipline

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