Strategic planning is a fundamental part of building a successful business or career.


  1. Strategic Planning
    1. The process of analyzing the internal and external environment of the organization. Reviewing the current state, defining the future state, developing the objectives and strategies, and implementing the changes.
    2. If you want to build an Elite organization you need a plan
    3. A good strategic plan requires considerable effort
  2. A strategic plan for contractors
    1. Develop organization and individual objectives and missions
    2. Take stock – an honest evaluation of where you are today
      1. Internal and external
    3. Define the future – what does the organization look like
    4. Develop the roadmap to get where you want to go
    5. IImplement and adjust the plan
  3. Strategic Planning Program & Mastermind Group
    1. I want to increase the value of Contracting Coach and make it more accessible
    2. I am creating a group coaching program for strategic planning in advance of 2017
    3. We will work on developing a strategic plan for your business or career


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