Shift your focus for a more fulfilling and joyous life.


  1. Our minds are amazing machines
    1. Constantly processing and analyzing data
    2. It takes in thousands of stimuli per second
    3. It processes that to deliver information to our conscious mind – both good and bad
  2. What do you focus on? This can have a huge impact on our state of mind
    1. The good or the bad?
    2. We want to shift to focusing on the good – at least 51% of the time
    3. Move from energy-draining emotions to emotions of power
  3. Don’t just accept what your brain tells you
    1. You have options, learn to process the results
      1. Just like Google – you get thousands of results but not all provide you what you need
    2. Become an observer – step back in ask “does this thought/emotion serve me?”
    3. Use this exercise when you get emotions and thoughts
      1. Accept the emotion/thought
      2. Ask “Does this benefit me?” – if yes, great – if not..
      3. Ask “Can I let it go?”
      4. Ask “When can I let it go?” – if now, great – if not repeat the exercise

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