Shift your focus to clients that care more about value than price.


  1. The low price market is a tough racket
    1. Unless you are set up for it move away
    2. Find a better market – look for best value clients
    3. Best value clients select the contractor based on more than price alone
      1. They look at qualifications, experience, services, reputation, etc.
  2. Change your sales approach
    1. Must contractors use an inbound marketing system
      1. Put listing in directories and wait for calls
    2. Shift to more outbound marketing
      1. Outbound marketing is about strategic efforts to sell your brand
      2. Reaching out to your targeted customers
    3. Market your message and educate your clients
      1. Tell them why they should choose you
  3. Qualify your leads
    1. Interview all your potential clients to determine what matters to them
      1. If they don’t fit you then tell them
    2. Profile your potential market and target them
    3. Continuously refine the process to get better leads

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