Thank you for being part of this amazing journey.


  1. Thank You
    1. WOW – Episode 500 – that’s over 125 hours of content – more than 30 books
    2. It’s about constant improvement and striving to get better
    3. Improving the journey
  2. Work to enjoy the journey
    1. The grass is always greener
    2. Dreams are the end
    3. The real power is in the journey
      1. Do what you love and love what you do – you never know where the road will take you
  3. Learn to love what you do, even the bad parts
    1. Find the oasis – what really makes you happy – what things are your favorites
      1. Do more of that
      2. Get better at that
    2. Identify what brings you down – what you don’t like about the journey
      1. Do less of that
      2. Don’t try to fix your weaknesses – find someone else to help
    3. Sandwich the things you must do
      1. When you have to complete tasks/things you don’t like schedule something you love for afterward
      2. Give yourself a treat for completing the things you dislike – they will start to seem less bothersome

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