It’s the end of the 2nd quarter, time to review the year to date.


  1. Use the middle of the year to re-group
    1. Take a look at your 2016 business goals – dust them off
    2. See how things have developed
    3. How are you doing?
  2. Take a look at your actions
    1. We focus on actions – that’s what  make our goals a reality
    2. Review the action steps you set up in the beginning of the year
    3. Which ones are you still doing? Which ones are you skipping?
  3. Refocus for the second half of the year
    1. Review your vision and trajectories for 2016 and the actions you took
    2. Were your action effective
      1. Which ones are working?
      2. Which ones need improvement? Which ones should you drop?
    3. Review your reasons why

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