Learn to love what you do, even the bad parts.


  1. “Do what you love and never work a day in your life”
    1. That’s misleading – I prefer – Love what you do
    2. We have to work and sometimes that means doing things we don’t like
    3. Hopefully, what you do is 51% good
  2. Deal with the sour parts – accept them
    1. There will always be parts of things you love that you don’t like
    2. Understand it’s part of it
      1. Think of some os the things you love to do – there are bad parts
      2. I love skiing but I don’t like the cold / I love the beach but have to deal with the sand
    3. Remember the “whys” so the good outweighs the bad
  3. Make the most of the parts you love
    1. Take advantage of the good parts
      1. When I go skiing I make the most of the time skiing to offset the cold
    2. Maximize the parts you love
      1. Delegate off some of the things you don’t like
    3. Challenge yourself to get through the bad parts

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