Take advantage of special occasions to get the most out of life.


  1. We have to remember to live life
    1. We work hard, charge hard and hustle which is great
    2. Sometimes we have to remember to stop and smell the roses
      1. I struggle with remembering this sometimes – I love what I do and it’s fun – really if I had a choice of what I could do it would be exactly what I do every day – but I have to remember to take care of some of the other things I value in life like family
    3. We all have different values and too often we spend too much time on one at the expense of other values – we have to remember to take care of them from time to time
  2. We need time to recharge
    1. Even though I love what I do, I still need to take time to recharge
    2. Special occasions like holidays are a great time to take care of other parts of our life wheel
    3. We need that to re-fuel and clear our minds
  3. Take time to get away from the status-quo
    1. Laying on the couch all weekend won’t really get you refueled – maybe well rested but not recharged
    2. Do something different – if you want to tend to another area in life you need to change it up
    3. Get outside of your comfort zone to really expand

Take some time off this weekend to tend to some areas of your life that need the attention.

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