The success of our projects determines the course of our business so stay on top of your projects.


  1. Project planning is valuable – add tracking and it’s priceless
    1. Just making a plan is valuable
    2. We put the effort in so take advantage of it and track it
    3. Know the pulse of all your projects
  2. Put some systems in place
    1. Create a start-up review process
    2. Have regularly scheduled reporting on all projects
      1. Track and report on key metrics
      2. Create a spreadsheet that summarizes all projects
    3. Managers need to review regularly
  3. Create routines to make it a habit
    1. Set aside time every week to review your projects
    2. Review overall summary of projects and choose one or two to drill down on
    3. Provide feedback to your project teams

2 comments on E464: Project Execution Tracking At The Business Level

  1. Vincent N says:

    Is there a way to see a sample of your weekly/monthly dashboard?

    1. TonyB says:

      Yes. I uploaded a quick example of the one we use for project oversight. You can find it here.

      To use this for internal tracking I would recommend adding a little more detail like budgets and possibly man-hours or other key aspects.

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