Don’t let your project plans dust, execute on them.


  1. Project plans are living documents
    1. They should not be written and set aside
    2. They are not cast in stone
      1. Things change, so should your plans
    3. Project plans need to be updated regularly
  2. Get themost out of your plans with regular reviews
    1. Writing the plan in the first place is valuable – reviewing and updating increase the value 10X
    2. Project teams should review on a regular basis
    3. Schedule meetings just for the purpose of reviewing the project plans
  3. Take the review process to the next step and make appropriate updates
    1. Track and monitor your progress. Are you executing? Are you meeting your goals?
    2. Review your plan based on the current aspects of the project. What has changed?
    3. Make necessary adjustments
      1. It Plan, Do, Check, Act
    4. Communicate changes to the project stakeholders

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