A solid project planning process starts with the estimating team.


  1. Start developing project plans during the estimating process
    1. Estimating plans the entire project while developing the pricing
    2. They already determine key aspects like manpower, resources, productivity – start writing it down
    3. If they don’t develop a plan they can miss something
  2. Get operations involved as well
    1. When estimating a project get input from the operations side
    2. They should review the estimating project plan
    3. Any input helps build a better estimate
  3. Create the project plan in stages
    1. I realize that this requires some effort but it creates better estimates – bid less and bid better
    2. To conserve efforts, develop the plan in 2 stages
      1. First stage is a high-level overview creating during estimating
      2. Second stage is after you win the job – a more detailed plan
    3. The estimating team should start the formal project plan and turn over to operations
      1. Have a debriefing meeting to discuss the plan

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