Our project teams play a major role in meeting our key metrics.


  1. Setting your monthly targets
    1. Monthly billings – project each month in advance
    2. Monthly project costs – manage your labor, suppliers and subcontractors
    3. Align these targets with the business key metrics
  2. Create a plan to reach your targets
    1. Use the Schedule of Values to predict your monthly invoice
    2. Review you labor plan to maintain cost
    3. Plan your material deliveries to meet goals yet control cost
    4. Coordinate your plans with your subcontractors
  3. Coordinate and track your efforts – If you expect it, inspect it!
    1. Coordinate your plans
      1. Make use of a 3-week look-ahead schedule
    2. Calculate the required productivity so you can track regularly
      1. Break down production to weekly or daily goals
    3. Track all activity against your plan and make adjustments
      1. Set out to meet your projected revenue by the end of week 3

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