E433: Contract Deliverables Review

Do a thorough review of your contract deliverables before starting work.



  1. Contract deliverables are the requirements established in the contract
    1. Everything outside of the project itself – items not in the contract documents
    2. The requirements for daily reporting, insurance, change notices, payroll reports, etc.
    3. Special instructions in the contract like maintaining records and document security
  2. The project manager or key person should conduct a review
    1. Review each section/clause in the contract
    2. Note what the requirements are for your company in each instance
    3. Who it is sent to and who is responsible for sending
      1. Example: Change Notice clause may state changes must be noted in daily reports and written notification must be submitted within 24 hours.
  3. Establish a deliverables matrix – I recommend 2 different ones
    1. The first is for all deliverables
      1. Provide Clause / Deliverable / Notice Type / Sent To / Responsible Person / Notes
    2. The second one is for all the recurring requirements like invoices, payroll reports, etc.
      1. Provide Deliverable / Due Date / Sent To / Responsible Person / Notes / Check Box for completion tracking

Here is a sample of a Deliverable Matrix from my contract in the US Virgin Islands.   Sample

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