Social media is a great tool for marketing when handled properly.


  1. Social media
    1. It’s great for marketing and very cost effective
    2. Many people miss the purpose though
    3. Do it right and get results
  2. Don’t be that guy – you know the one
    1. At the cocktail party, he’s the one that just wants to tell you how great he is
    2. At the reunion she just wants to tell you about her great business
    3. At the networking event he just wants to tell you to check out his great items he sells
  3. Build relationships
    1. Be a resource
    2. Help people
    3. Say something your potential customers want to here
      1. Remodeling contractor = tell someone how to brighten up their kitchen. choose the right countertops, the right appliances
      2. Retail builder = tell people how to lay out their space, how to place posters and signage for more sales
    4. Be the person people want to talk to and hear from

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