Don’t let yourself get paralyzed by perfection.


Knowing 80% of a language will allow you to speak fluently.

So why do we always end up striving for perfection?

For some reason, many of us get trapped with this idea that things must be perfect. That we must not make mistakes or have errors. That is far from true.


  1. We all strive to be the best
    1. Leading the pack doesn’t take perfection
    2. Try looking at it as “always getting better”, not being the best
    3. Don’t confuse being the best with being perfect – mistakes are part of learning
  2. Don’t allow delays for perfection
    1. So many times I hear people say, “it’s almost done, just a few more changes.”
      1. If I didn’t forget about perfection I wouldn’t be doing these Coachcasts yet
    2. Business loves speed – don’t delay
    3. Jump in and correct – but don’t be sloppy
  3. Some things to remember
    1. Everyone was a beginner once
    2. Start small and build on your successes
    3. The only real failure is not doing for fear of perfection

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