To grow your business, you need someone dedicated to sales and business development.

  1. Should you have a dedicated sales person?
    1. Depends on your business – different segments require different efforts
      1. No matter what, someone needs to be dedicating time to sales every week
    2. Can people wear multiple hats? Yes
      1. Just make sure that there is accountability for sales goals
    3. If you want to grow you need a dedicated sales team
  2. The sales team
    1. Remember – everyone is a sales rep and should be fostering relationships
    2. Someone needs to cover the networking / meet & greets / follow-ups and research
    3. That same person needs to be the accountability leader for your team
  3. Yes, you need someone dedicated to sales as a top priority and held accountable for results.

Key Questions:

  1. Who leads the sales efforts at your organization?

  2. Do they devote time to this every week?

  3. Are they accountable for results?

  4. How can you improve?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Get a dedicated sales leader that is accountable for sales – even if it’s you

  2. Train your team

  3. Hold everyone accountable for their part

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