Take advantage of some of great tech tools to improve you project communication.


  1. Using video tours
    1. Share with your client – bonus: when they share the video people are sent to your YouTube page
    2. Update the project status to the home office
    3. Share information among the project team
  2. Site walks are a must – why not get more out of them
    1. The old way: take notes and pictures while you walk the job
    2. The old way: spend 2 hours after the walk sorting, downloading, uploading and emailing
    3. New way: do a Google hangout on air and auto post to project page
  3. It’s easy (just watch your data plan)
    1. When you hit the job – hit start broadcasting
    2. Record narration as you go along
    3. Know your audience to make sure it’s appropriate
    4. Done – click end and it uploads to YT

Key Questions:

  1. How can you take advantage of tech?

  2. How can you improve your project communication with

    a video?

  3. How can your team communicate better?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Think about ways you can utilize new technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness

  2. Take advantage of all the tools out there


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