Keeping our projects on schedule can be challenging. Set yourself up for success with proper planning.

Q: How do I get my suppliers and subcontractors to meet my project schedules?


  1. Scheduling projects is a huge challenge
    1. You need to set up the schedule properly – if it’s not accurate it’s useless
    2. Updating and managing – keep the project updated with current progress
    3. Getting the work done – you have to monitor activities to make sure they stay on track
  2. It starts with a good schedule
    1. Get your full team participation – you need buy-in
    2. Make it effective and understandable
    3. Communicate it to the field
  3. Set the tone
    1. Be clear to everyone that schedule is important to you
    2. When a new sub comes on board monitor them closely on their first task – they’ll get the picture
    3. Once you let them know the importance of meeting commitments they will be more likely to continue

Key Questions:

  1. Do you struggle to meet your schedules?

  2. Are they realistic?

  3. Do you get full buy-in upfront?

  4. Do you monitor your schedule?

  5. How can you improve your process?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Have a good scheduling process

  2. Communicate your schedule clearly and frequently

  3. Use a tool like the 3-week look-ahead for coordination

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