Maintaining a healthy mind and proper mindset take a focused effort. How are you doing on that?

Our mind is an amazing tool. Take care of it.


  1. The importance of a healthy mind
    1. Better clarity and judgement
    2. Improved feelings and attitude
    3. Better health and energy
      1. Don’t think you mind controls energy? – put on your favorite “fired-up” song and see your energy levels rise
  2. We need to care for our brain
    1. Eat healthy
    2. Exercise regularly – do something first thing in the morning
    3. Work you mind
      1. The idea exercise
      2. Reading / reflectiion / meditation / gratitude
  3. Use your mind to your advantage
    1. Improve your posture and presence by prepping the mind
    2. Prepare for negotiations by getting in the right mindset
    3. A healthy mind will respond better to stimulus to get us prepared for anything
    4. Use stimulus to get prepared like
      1. Music / posture / mantras / quotes / pictures / visualizations / reflections

Key Questions:

  1. Do you take care of your mind?

  2. Do you feed it well?

  3. Do you work it regularly?

  4. How can you do better?

Take-Action Items:

  1. Build better habits for your mind

  2. Work your mind daily

  3. Use stimulus to prepare

  4. Build the right mindset


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