Are you properly tending to your best source of future business leads?

The best source for future business leads is your existing clients. Are you tending to them?


  1. Build your relationships
    1. You never know which client could be a future Dream Client
    2. I know a firm that did a small project for a client that later became a lead purchaser for multiple projects and hired them consistently for years
    3. Work on helping your clients every day
  2. Ask for referrals
    1. Encourage your existing clients to promote you
    2. Ask them about other areas or other people they may know
    3. Give them thanks when they refer you – notes, gift cards, flowers, something
  3. Learn from them – what else
    1. They can offer insight into who else, person or industry that could use your services
    2. What – what other services you might be able to offer them
      1. Maintenance, decorating, consulting, others
    3. Learn about potential partners to work with

Key Questions:

  1. Are you taking advantage of one of your best resources?

  2. Do you have good customer relations? Are constantly improving them?

  3. How can you get more our of your existing clients? (hint = figure out how you can add more value)

Take-Action Items:

  1. First focus on building strong customer relations

  2. Mine those relationships for other opportunities

  3. Give thanks to those who help

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